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Hello Design Lovers!!!

         I'm Priscille, a talented and passionate interior designer from Montreal, Canada who's absolutely in LOVE with creating and transforming interiors! I'm also married to this AMAZING, gorgeous, God sculpted man who I am absolutely proud to call my husband! 

{My Studies} 

I first attended the Dawson CTD Program in 2009 where my journey as an Interior Decorator started. After exploring the aesthetics aspect of home decor, I decided to step into the technical aspect of design. In 2013, I graduated from the Interior Design Institute Of Canada and obtained my Diploma in Interior Design. As of May 2016, I have obtained a DEC in Interior Design from the three year technical program at Dawson College.  

Interior Design is much more than colours and aesthetics . There are the consideration of human factor and ergonomics within a space. An interior designer must be knowledgable about HVAC systems, building codes and lighting components. An interior designers job is also to ensure that the space designed is at it's best in every aspect, from a sustainable / well-being perspective to the functionality. Therefore, enhancing my education in this field will hold me into a certified interior designer who will be capable of produced exceptional interiors.

On another note, I absolutely love what I do. I am dedicated and inspired to express my love for design. Feel free to get in contact with me for interior services as I am delighted to design new spaces. 

A successful designer once told me that "Every space must have a vignette”. Ever since than, my goal was to create a vignette in every space that I touched, so that my design would tell a story. 

Here's a quick thought on how I intend to use interior design to make a difference... 
A little more about me…

      First and formal, I’m a fitness enthusiast. I’m addicted to weight training and jogging. Second, I’m passionate about nutrition. What better way to start the day with a delicious healthy breakfast {I love breakfast}. Third, I'm currently finding a love for drawing, sketching and illustration {Check out my sketchbook HERE}. Lastly, I love blogging. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, ideas and tips with you. I'm always glad to hear from you all, so feel free to comment below or get connected with me through the “contact” tab.