Tuesday, 13 October 2015
Looking for a weekend getaway close to home? Have you thought of the idea of camping but in a modern and “luxury” way? If so, let me introduce you the concept of “Gramping”. This past summer I had the privilege to experience camping in a luxurious way.

To start off with, let me explain what “Gramping” is. Gramping is lodging in a ready-to-camp tent. The concept was originated from France where the Huttopia firm wanted to create a camping experience that didn’t require the “hard and complicated work” of camping (like putting up a tent in unpleasant weather and temperature). The tents made debut in the summer of 2008 in France, and because of its success and high demand, Canadians can now enjoy the experience as well. Before importing the Huttopias in Quebec, they were checked weather proof for our dramatic climates. Each tent comes fully furnished with two double bed sleeping areas, dinning set, kitchen utility (pots, pans, spoons, forks, etc.) and a heating system. {Ditch the cold nights and turn on the HEATER}. 

PS. There's also an outdoor fireplace for late night bon fires and s'mores. 

Alright, let me take you on a tour….

Beautiful sun rise view

(also comes with outdoor gas stoves and outdoor food cooler)

Interior View

Dining area

Two double beds with integrated canvas separator 


Friendly Visitor (Neighbour)

It was definitely a great "gramping" experience!! I would recommended it for EVERYONE!! Head to the Huttopia website now and book your weekend getaway...{http://canada.huttopia.com/en

If you have already experienced the Huttopia tents, or other "Gramping" lodgings, comment below and share with me your experiences :)

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