Tuesday, 11 August 2015
I was going through iPhoto and saw these light fixtures that I captured during a visit to AuCourant Luminaire  and the Luminaire & Quincaillerie showrooms, and I thought it would be nice to "light things up" on a tuesday morning. Happy Tuesday by the way!!!

Alright, so let me give a slight tour....  

The image on the right left is the entrance to the Luminaire & Quincaillerie Montreal showroom. It welcomes you with David Trubridge's beautiful painted bamboo fixtures, an urban bricked wall, a gothic-vintage style armchair, and a floor-to-ceiling transparent glass facade.

The image on the right is the bathroom at the AuCourant Montreal Luminaire  showroom. I captured this bathroom mostly for it's exquisite slate wall finish {that I absolutely love}. 


The Beads Octo Pendant
"The Beads Octo Pendant is made out of spun steel & polycarbonate..."
Diffusing Sconce 

Swarovski Crystalline Icicles
They call it a "Curtain of Ice"

These are a few examples of lighting fixtures. I have to say that over the course of my studies, I've learned that our current level of advance technology enables endless design possibilities. In other words... {There are no fixed borders to creativity!} If you would like to see more fixtures, access the hyperlinks in this post and it will take you to the luminaire's homepage. I hope this "enlightened" your creativity and sparks inspirations! 

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