Thursday, 6 February 2014
Sometimes our mind get STUCK or overwhelm when we think about room decor...Where do I start? How much time will this project consume? How much money will I have to spend? Well...Instead of breaking your head over all these questions, why not start with a single thing. Inspiration can come from anything. You can be inspired from a piece of fabric to an artificial flower on your dinning table or even  a photo in a magazine. 

While cleaning my textile drawer today, I was inspired to used this cheetah print to redo my chair.

I started by detaching the seat, and getting the thread and scissors.
I than got my Bubble Gum Sabotaz Spray Paint which I purchased from Omer Deserres. 

I than sewed the seat with my cheetah fabric and spray painted the chair PINK....and .....DRUMROLL...


Below is another chair makeover that I decided to do... ENJOY

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