Monday, 29 July 2013

The Art Of Organization. This brings me back to grade school where every Friday we had to organize our desk from our weekly mess. Our teacher gave us the last thirty minutes of class to build an organization system that will work for the following week. I have to admit, at the age of six, I thought that was fun and games and didn't realised the seed that have been planted in me. I grew up in  a home where my mother loved to organize, she organized storage, our bed linens, our toys, clothing, anything you can think of, now I look back and I see that my mother was the one watering and nourishing the seed of organization in me. 

Seems silly but think about it, Oxford Dictionary describes "Art" like this:"The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." And "Organization" is said to be "the quality of being systematic and efficient."

You can start today by organizing with style. Express your art of organization.

  • Start with something small; such as a pantry shelf

Take a good look at your shelf and ask yourself, what is the purpose of this shelf, what do you need it for? In my case, I needed space, functionality and efficiency. I needed to find my pasta without tossing jars around. I needed this shelf to be appealing to my eyes. 

  • Once you have chosen your project, clear out your space
  • clean it with either a warm damp towel or cleaning product to remove any dust
  • Search around your home baskets, jars, or boxes to help with storage

 I found the white shelf was dull andboring so I painted each shelf surface with "Rust-Oleum Specialty Black Chalkboard Paint" which you can purchase at your local hardware store, this added a vintage industrial feel.With some extra small purchases of baskets and jars, I completely transformed my pantry shelf....




2 comments on "THE ART OF ORGANIZATION "
  1. I love the way you started with a story and ended with a project. You've inpired me to organise my pantry and try out some chalkboard paint!